Asanas Yoga


padmasana var

Some cool Asanas Yoga images: padmasana var Image by amyjirsa_yogini Alanasana Image by amyjirsa_yogini Question by Jacquelyn: Best yoga book listing asanas? I’m looking for a simple yoga book with the listing/description (preferably with pictures) of as many asanas as … read more read more

Yoga Pose


Cool Yoga Pose images

Check out these Yoga Pose images: Question by lis: What is the name of the Yoga Asana in the picture up top on Thanks? Best answer: Answer by Dances with BuddhaIn Sanskrit: Ardha Baddha Padma Padangusthasana Ardha = half … read more read more

Bikram Yoga


HathaYoga Championships -Bikram-Ron Sombilon Gallery (303)

Some cool bikram yoga images: HathaYoga Championships -Bikram-Ron Sombilon Gallery (303) Image by SOMBILON ART, MEDIA and PHOTOGRAPHY Bikram Lecture and 2009 Western Canadian Hatha Yoga Championships Art of Bikrams and photos by Ron Sombilon Gallery Art … read more read more



Nice Yoga Meditation photos

A few nice Yoga meditation images I found: threesome_yoga_tree_pose Image by myyogaonline Monk Image by h.koppdelaney At the Peak: Monk, Cliff, Tree, Birds and Sky… One HKD Falls Psychologie interessiert: Geistige Prinzipien können einen Sturm in der Seele entfachen, Komplexe … read more read more

Yoga Instructor


‘The Warrior Pose’: Army considers yoga to treat Soldiers’ pain – FMWRC – US Army – 100903

Check out these Yoga Instructor images: ‘The Warrior Pose’: Army considers yoga to treat Soldiers’ pain – FMWRC – US Army – 100903 Image by familymwr PHOTO CAPTION: Lt. Col. Michele Spencer, 48th Combat Support Hospital, (center, blue top) leads … read more read more